Plant Phenotyping Facility at PSI

Guide: Martin Trtílek (PSI) and Zbyněk Malenovský (UTAS)

Excursion description: PSI (Photon Systems Instruments) has been specializing in the design and manufacture of sophisticated, high-end instrumentation for advanced measurement and imaging of optical signals in plants and algae, particularly in the field of chlorophyll fluorescence/reflectance techniques. Participants will visit the PSI Plant Phenotyping Research Center for plant cultivation and phenotyping of wide range of phenotypic plant traits among various plant species under precisely controlled environmental conditions.

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Requirements: No requirements

Number of participants: max. 20

Dates: 5 February 2019, 13:30 – 17:30 (pre-workshop day)

Location: PSI (Photon Systems Instruments), spol. s.r.o., Drásov 470 (cca 20km from Brno, participants will be transported by a mini-bus from CzechGlobe to PSI and back)

Fee: Free of charge

Registration: Subscribe for the excursion during abstract submission / registration via ConfTool