All scientists, researchers, students and professionals interested in recent advances in technology, methods and applications of imaging spectroscopy are strongly encouraged to present their contribution either as a poster or an oral talk according to the following topics: 

Advanced methods for spectroscopy data calibration, processing, analyzing and modelling:  

  • Sensor spectral and radiometric calibration, atmospheric and geometric corrections  
  • Data analyzing approaches, software toolboxes, machine learning and big data mining  
  • Models of radiative transfer, inversion schemes and data assimilation techniques  
  • Laboratory and in-situ field spectroscopy and product validation approaches

Spectroscopy data fusion and application in Earth sciences:  

  • Combined use of spectroscopy and other observations (LiDAR, SAR, thermal, etc.)  
  • Upscaling and downscaling spectroscopy data in modelling the Earth spheres  
  • Spectroscopy in assessment of ecosystem processes, functions and societal services (vegetation, soils, snow & ice, inland & coastal waters, urban areas, etc.)  
  • Spectroscopy use in the context of natural disasters, hazards and societal challenges (food security, water availability, loss of genetic and functional biodiversity, etc.)   

Innovative sensing platforms and sensors: 

  • Ground/tower, multi-angular, drone, air and space-borne spectroscopy platforms  
  • Synergies between sensors 
  • Progressive spectral sensor concepts and future spectroscopy satellite missions