EARSeL Best Student Award

All young students (PhD and MSc, who are less than 32 years old) are invited and encouraged to present their work. To honour the willingness to actively participate and to discuss your research, the EARSeL Bureau is sponsoring awards for Young Scientist’s best oral presentations and best poster presentations.

Best oral presentation

Best poster presentation

1. Prize € 550 € 300
2. Prize € 400 € 200
3. Prize € 200 € 100


The awarded young researchers of the 11the EARSeL Imaging Spectroscopy Workshop were:

  • Shari Van Wittenberghe from Univ. of Valencia for her presentation about Vegetation Functional Photoprotection Dynamics Seen From Leaf Absorbance Features
  • Elisa Van Cleemput from KU Leuven for her presentation about  The Optical Profile Of Herbaceous Plant Functional Types
  • Oliver Gazzano from ONERA for his presentation about Simulation and Improvements of the Hyperspectral Images of the SIELETERS Airborne System


  • Eva Neuwirthová from Charles Univ. for her poster about Effect of Leaf Epidermal Structure of Arabidopsis Thaliana Mutants to Leaf Specular Reflection
  • Fanny Petibon from Univ. of Zürich for her poster about Comparison And Validation Of In-situ Field Spectroscopy And Advanced High Pressure Liquid Chromatography To Assess Pigment Composition In Deciduous Leaves
  • Friederike Klos from GFZ-Potsdam for her poster about Hyperspectral Lithium-Pegmatite Detection – A Case Study for Hoydalen, Norway