Special Interest Group Imaging Spectroscopy

About SIG

The EARSeL Special Interest Group Imaging Spectroscopy (SIG-IS) exists since the early 1990s. EARSeL’s SIG-IS is a forum for international discussion amongst remote sensing specialists working with this powerful Earth observation technology. In the early years the group has focused on keeping interested scientists of European remote sensing laboratories connected and informed about developments and possibilities in the area of imaging spectroscopy or hyperspectral imaging mainly by informal meetings during EARSeL symposia or international remote sensing conferences. Since 1998 bi-annual SIG IS workshops are organized jointly by local organizing committees, a well-established science committee, the EARSeL secretariat and the SIG chair persons.

Our vision 2021-2024

Imaging spectroscopy is increasingly finding its way into transdisciplinary research aiming to integrate state-of-the-art methods and data analysis concepts in response to today’s key environmental and societal challenges. Besides the discussion of advanced technologies for spectroscopy data processing and analysis, as well as next generation platforms and sensors, workshop particularly address integrated approaches in Earth System Science using spectroscopy across all spheres, including the anthroposphere.

The main objectives of the SIG IS Imaging Spectroscopy are

  • to introduce airborne and spaceborne hyperspectral imaging techniques to environmental scientists
  • to familiarize scientists with technological advantages in hyperspectral remote sensing as well as new data evaluation and information extraction techniques
  • to qualify research groups for hyperspectral data processing by means of workshops and discussion groups
  • to foster physical modeling and quantitative information retrieval from remote sensing signatures
  • to strengthen the communities’ ability to apply hyperspectral data to environmental research projects