EARSeL Young Scientist Award

PhD and MSc students younger than 32 years are particularly encouraged to present their work at the Workshop.  As in previous events, the EARSeL Bureau is sponsoring this award to honour best oral presentations and best poster presentations from young scientists. The winners of the prizes will be announced, and the prizes handed over at the closing session of the Workshop.

The prizes are:

Best oral presentation

  1. Prize: € 500: Stefanie Steinhauser: Quantification And Mapping Of Non-Photosynthetic Cropland Biomass Using Hyperspectral Data And Machine Learning.
  2. Prize: € 250: Miguel Morata Dolz: On the Potential of Principal Component Analysis for the Reconstruction of the Full SIF Signal to Emulate SIF Satellite Data.
  3. Prize: € 100: Sara Pescador Dionisio: Early-stress Detection in Tomato: Combining Fluorescence and NPQ-related Absorption Mechanisms.

Best poster presentation

  1. Prize: € 500: Loé Maire: Imaging Spectroscopy Of Phytoplankton Species: Investigating The Link Between Inherent Optical Properties And Illumination Conditions.
  2. Prize: € 250: Yujie Zhao: An Integrated Atmospheric-Terrain Correction Method for Imaging Spectroscopy.
  3. Prize: € 100: Tatenda Dzurume: Understanding The Changes In Maize Canopy Structure Caused By Fall Armyworm (J.E. Smith Spodoptera frugiperda) Using Field Hyperspectral Spectroscopy Measurements.