All participants interested in recent advances in technology, methods, and applications of imaging spectroscopy are cordially encouraged to present and discuss their work. The workshop topics include, but are not limited to:

Imaging spectroscopy sensors, platforms and missions

  • Advances in upcoming space-borne spectroscopy platforms (e.g., FLEX, CHIME, SBG, PACE)
  • Ground/tower, multi-angular, drone, air and space-borne spectroscopy platforms
  • Synergies and collaboration among missions

Imaging spectroscopy application in Earth Sciences

  • Applications with new-generation imaging spectrometer missions (e.g., PRISMA, EnMAP, DESIS, EMIT)
  • Upscaling and downscaling of imaging spectroscopy data in modelling the Earth’s spheres
  • Imaging spectroscopy for the assessment of ecosystem processes in a range of environments and application fields including arable lands and forests, soils, geology, snow & ice, inland & coastal waters, urban areas
  • Imaging spectroscopy for observing natural and man-made hazards and supporting societal challenges such as climate change mitigation and adaptation, food security, water availability, and biodiversity conservation

Advanced methods for (imaging) spectroscopy

  • Spectral and radiometric sensor calibration, atmospheric and geometric correction procedures, uncertainty quantification, product validation
  • Data analysis approaches such as machine learning, AI, deep learning and big data mining, data fusion and software toolboxes
  • Radiative transfer models, retrieval schemes and data assimilation techniques
  • Lab/field spectroscopy and spectral libraries