The Spectral Information System SPECCHIO: Make your Lab and Field Spectrometer Data Shareable and Automate your Workflows

Tutor: Andreas Hueni (RSL, University of Zurich)

Motivation: Organisation of data is key to success and having our algorithms run on a database makes them much more shareable.

Tutorial description: This tutorial provides an overview of the capabilities of SPECCHIO, covering the lifecycle support of point spectroradiometers. The exercises are a mixture of the use of the Graphical User Interface and the API to insert, process and extract spectral data and metadata. Further options that students may want to work on are to insert and extraction of uncertainty information. Goal is to enable researchers to write their own automated workflows to carry out database centric analysis.

Target languages are Python or Matlab. R can also be used. For more information please see: www.specchio.ch

Prerequisites: Participants need to bring their own laptops with either Python/Matlab/R, and ideally also the SPECCHIO client. Download it here.